Sir Douglas Hazen Park and Trans Canada Trail

Sir Douglas Hazen Park has it all, it is definitely a people place. In the very early days it was the center of the fur trade; The ancient Maliseet Trail from the Saint John River system to the Passamaquoddy bay on the Bay of Fundy started here at the mouth of the Oromocto River. For nearly 75 years, ship building was the main industry because of it’s proximity to all building materials. The great white pine masts ,the hemlock decks and oak were simply cut off the river banks and floated to the mill site. The war of 1812 saw the block house rebuilt to aid in stopping the planned invasion coming via the Oromocto Route. Saw mills and lumbering carried the local economy for nearly 50 years.

Today the beautiful park setting plays host to the largest Marina on the Saint John River System, The TransCanada Trail, and ECO-LOGICAL Adventures Inc. Sir Douglas Hazen Park is also a great place to enjoy many different types of outdoor activities. Come experience history and beauty that Sir Douglas Hazen Park and the Trans Canada trail have to offer.

The Gateway to the Oromocto River Watershed all starts here.