Raggedy Ass Falls Adventure Trail

  •  5 – 10 minute walk to four waterfalls, located in a picturesque gorge.
  • New bridge over Tiny Brook for easy access to Raggedy Ass Falls.
  • Plunge pools at each falls sometimes with great fishing.
  • Trails are marked well.
  • At the top of the fourth falls is a 24 inch deep bore hole just large enough to put your arm down. Guests drop coins into this hole, come back next year and all dates are worn off.
  • Many people come to climb the gorge and waterfalls.
  • Roads can be rough getting to the trail head, SUV or four wheel drive recommended.
  • Closed in winter.

NOTE: This is truly an exciting place to visit. Caution on slippery rocks if you are going to walk the brook. Rocks are sharp and hard on the body and clothing, thus the name “Raggedy Ass Falls.“

GPS Coordinates: N 45°29’59.6″ W 66°37’00.2″