Aquatic Adventures

Welcome to our new Aquatic Adventure Trails!


We have a number of deep-water routes which you can paddle all summer long with numerous opportunities for wildlife and bird watching, fishing, and any other outdoor pursuit. 

The routes presented here can be done individually, or joined together for multiday adventures. We recommend people obtain paddle training and/or certifications from Paddle Canada instructors, and follow the principles of Adventure Smart:

We also ask to please leave these beautiful places as you found them. There are no garbage or recycling receptacles so plan to ‘carry in, carry out’ and leave no trace. Please visit the google map and switch to satellite view to see the marked points and the numerous possibilities associated with this area outside of these suggested routes:

By clicking on the waypoints on this map, you can get more information. Alternatively, clicking on the left side menu will bring you to these points.

Route One:

Rusagonis Stream. In low water, the Rusagonis Stream can be paddled in either direction from the Moore Bridge on Rusagonis Road but shallow areas prevent travel upstream very far. Most paddlers prefer to go downstream toward the Welamukotuk/Oromocto River, a voyage of approximately 9 kilometers. You can expect calm sheltered waters and this route is an excellent one when higher winds make the main Oromocto River or other exposed routes more difficult. There is a rest spot at about the halfway point for a return trip, but there are also lots of opportunities to stop and stretch your legs at numerous spots along the way. This route can be combined with Waasis Meadow, Rusagonis Meadow, or even French Lake or Sunpoke Creek. It is possible to take out at French Lake campground located a further 4 km upriver, or the Oromocto River launch located a further 6.5km upstream. It is also common to paddle any distance downstream and return to your vehicle parked at the Moore Bridge.

Rusagonis Stream at the moore bridge launch

The Rusagonis Stream at the Moore Bridge launch.

Route Two:

Sunpoke Lake Loop, Sunpoke Lake, Oromocto River. Leave from the launch at the Oromocto River Access by French Lake and paddle downriver toward Sunpoke Creek. You will see a small opening on your left which leads you up a small intimate creek into Sunpoke Lake. A good spot to stop and stretch your legs is Dave’s Island Beach after this 7.5 kilometer paddle. Then head south toward the short carry over the road at the Morrow Dugway to head back upriver to your vehicle, a total distance of 9 kilometers.

oromocto gazebos

One of the many gazebos located on the Town of Oromocto’s waterfront.

Route Three:

Pride’s Landing to Oromocto. There is limited parking at this this launch so please do not block the parking area for vehicles towing boat trailers. Travelling downstream is the best direction should higher water create a slight current to take advantage of on your journey downstream to either the community of French Lake and boat launch, a paddle of 15 km or the Town of Oromocto, a total paddle of 33 km. There is an alternative launch upstream but parking is equally challenging. There is an excellent spot for parking and easy access to the water on the Town of Oromocto’s waterfront should you choose to travel the entire distance. The Oromocto waterfront also has acres of lawn and covered gazebos for having a quick snack or preparing a meal, along with other amenities nearby should you choose to continue your voyage downriver into the Wolastoq/St. John River. This route can also be paddled in either direction but note the wind direction before setting out.

oromocto boat launch

Boat launch and landing in the Town of Oromocto at the confluence of the Wolastoq/St.John River.

Route Four:

French Lake loop. French Lake has a newly updated campground ( which also rents canoes and kayaks of all sizes. It can be accessed by paddling directly from the Oromocto River or by a 15-minute drive from the waterfront in the Town of Oromocto. This is a great entry or exit point for day paddling any of these routes, or a base camp for multiday adventures. There are two entry and exit points connecting this lake to the Oromocto River for a short loop or combined with other routes and an easy access boat launch.

sunbury campground

Boat launch and beach at the Sunbury Oromocto Campground located on French Lake.