Electro Fishing

What is electro fishing?

It is a safe and effective way to find out what fish species live in our streams. A licensed and trained Technician fishes with an electric wand which produces a low level electric current which mildly stuns the fish.

His assistant very quickly scoops up the stunned fish and places them in a bucket filled with water. This has to be done within seconds to make it as easy as possible on the fish. All the fish are placed in a large tub and counted and measured and recorded and then released unharmed.

The stream is blocked off with fine mesh above and below the fishing site. Fishing sites can be about 50 meters in length. From this sample aquatic biologists can estimate the total number of fish and their species in a stream.

The Oromocto River Watershed Association has been studying many of the streams which make up the river system. Ron Jenkins of Parish Geomorphic has been the leader in this program for four years. All of this data is recorded in our science and research department.

If you would like to become a volunteer in this exciting program please contact our watershed and we will line you up. This program usually takes place in low water in August.

We have had some amazing finds:

  • 12 streams have Atlantic salmon in them.
  • 31 salmon par and smolt were found in one stream in just 50 meters.
  • The American eel has really dropped in numbers and in size.