Turtle Watch

Please become part of our turtle watch program  in The Oromocto River Watershed.

David Olive is our famous “Turtle Man”. David  has for many years, monitored, counted, photographed,  taken video and recordings of  many snapping turtle nesting sites.

The Fredericton Junction, White Rapids Adventure Trail area is a well establish area for sighting snapping turtles. There are at least 5-6 that come to this area to nest in the spring. There is one extremely large one which we have named SNAPPY. He lives year round in the big pool at the bottom of White Rapids. He is 3 feet long from nose to tail. Snappy’s likeness has been carved out of wood, colored and glazed and placed on one of the walking trails within the white rapids park. Come and see if you can find him.

We have many painted turtles in our watershed. Many of the small streams with sand bars are perfect nesting sites. There is a great nesting site near Otter brook where over 30 nests have been discovered.

The wood turtle is fairly rare and if you see one in our area please take a picture and record its GPS: and forward to us at info@oromoctowatershed.ca

The Turtle Man’s email address is davidrolive@gmail.com Cell # 506-260-8376.