Fish Friends of the Watershed

Atlantic salmon populations have declined significantly from historic levels. The Outer Bay of Fundy salmon population (including Saint John and Oromocto River fish) has been designated as an endangered species by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada.

Fish Friends is a program of the and New Brunswick Salmon Council to teach school children about Atlantic salmon, fish ecology and the importance of healthy aquatic habitats through hands on learning. A key component of the program is the raising of Atlantic salmon from fertilized eggs to the fry stage and releasing them into a local stream. Salmon eggs are delivered to participating schools in March. Students care for, and monitor the growth of the eggs as they develop into alevins. Once the salmon reach the fry stage, students release them into local watercourses.

The 5th Canadian Division Support Group has been assisting the Fish Friends program for 6 years. Each June local students come to Base Gagetown to release their salmon fry and participate in environmental education activities. Over 1000 students have participated in Fish Friends field days at Base Gagetown since 2008. Other organizations that have assisted with the field days include Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ducks Unlimited, University of New Brunswick, Canadian Rivers Institute, and the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources.

Additional information about Fish Friends can be found at the following web site:

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Atlantic salmon fry raised by Fish Friends that have been released into the Oromocto River Watershed at 5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown.





2008June 12Unknown (100’s)Tributary to Rockwell Stream
2010June 7Unknown (100’s)Rockwell Stream
2011June 9Approximately 100Tributary to Kinney Creek
2011June 9Approximately 100Rockwell Stream
2012June 7Approximately 70Tributary to Kinney Creek
2012June 7Approximately 275Kinney Creek
2013June 4Approximately 200Tributary to Brisley Stream

Schools within the Oromocto River watershed participating in Fish Friends.

  • Assiniboine Avenue Elementary School
  • Ecole Communautaire Arc-en-Ciel
  • Geary Elementary Community School
  • Gesner Street Elementary
  • Hubbard Avenue Elementary
  • New Maryland School
  • Sunbury West School

Contacts for Fish Friends:

Oromocto area:

Andy Smith
Aquatic Biologist
Environmental Services Branch
5th Canadian Division Support Group
National Defence
Telephone: 506-357-5220

Provincial contact:

Don Alexander
New Brunswick Salmon Council