Gateway Marsh Adventure Trail

The Town of Oromocto had a great vision in 2006 and that was to develop a multi-use facility and Adventure trail on the 40 plus acres of marsh land which is located in the center of the Town. The Oromocto River Watershed has championed this development idea from the beginning. The Town is in full support of helping in developing this one of a kind adventure trail and has entered into an agreement to bring back the marsh with Ducks Unlimited, a leader in marshland development.

The vision set forward is to:

  1. Reclaim the marsh
  2. Design an educational plan which will be an outdoor class room for all citizens, schools and universities .
  3. To create a habitat for wild life which will be state of the art in nature.
  4. To create board walks and special features that the citizen can use to watch and learn about the marsh habitat.
  5. To create a Gateway orientation center and learning center.
  6. To integrate the Orientation center, the Tourist Info center and a Watershed Shed Adventure Trails Headquarters.
  7. Human interaction with the outdoors is very important in this project. One can learn through the interpretative center and interpretative sites .Lots of exercise opportunity such as walking running and hiking and in winter skating, skiing and pond hockey.  Live video feeds from inside the beaver house will be featured in the orientation center and world wide web.
  8. Location is everything. Gateway Marsh adventure Trail is located in the heart of a great urban center, Oromocto. The Adventure trail and complex is located adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway with one minute access.

The dream will be started this spring and summer as funds and partners join in to support. The Town is commended in its vision and efforts to help make the Gateway Marsh Adventure Trail a reality. Way to go town Of Oromocto!

The Oromocto Watershed is committed in helping all it can to make this dream happen.

Robin Hanson President.

Oromocto River Watershed Association Inc.- a non profit organization.


GPS Coordinates: N 45°50’07.2″ W66°29’21.8″